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Why Bit-O-Local?

Put your marketing dollars to work. We know what it’s like to be the little guy. (Psst we’re the little guy, too.) Thankfully, we’ve got a loud voice. Get your products in front of customers without paying a fee. After we’ve connected and approved your product to be part of the Bit-O- Local box, your products will be featured on our website for sale.

Let’s Talk Logistics

As your product is included in our box, it will be featured on our website so that those who can’t get enough… can get enough. If you’d like to be included on our website after the quarter it’s just $10/mo to be listed* for up to 3 products. If you have more products you’d like featured, it’s just $5/mo per product after that. This is an excellent opportunity for those that are too busy to maintain their own online store.
What's In It For You

1) Put your marketing dollars to work! Get your products in front of real customers without paying a fee.

2) Your products will be on our website for free during the duration of that quarter. After that, it’s only $10/mo to be listed. Orders will be forwarded to you for fulfillment. Perfect if you don’t have an online store!

3) Social Media Marketing
- We will promote your products on our social platforms.
- Perfect to grow your brand awareness!

4) Public Relations + Events

- Be part of the press + events without any charge!

- Your approved participation automatically grants and boost them without any charge to you!

5) Influencer Marketing

- Get your products in front of influencers! Let them spread the word about YOUR product!

6) Your Investment

- There is NO financial investment!

- All you have to do is provide at least 50 full-sized products to be included in the box.

- Should you be interested in continuing to have your products sold online, your fee for that is only $10/mo for up to 3 products! If you want to add more, it will be $5/mo per
product. Terms and conditions apply.

7) Anything else?
Nope! Just provide us with your marketing materials, so we know your product inside out!

Let’s Get Social

We will create a social buzz about your brand on all of our social platforms, and promote
them with no additional charge to you! Grow your awareness around your brand by
locking arms with your neighbors at Bit-O- Local. Love planning events? We didn’t think
so. The good news is- we do! We’ll include your brand in press + events surrounding the
quarterly box. We love rubbing elbows with local influencers – and we know they’ll love
your brand as much as we do. We’ll work to get your products in front of some of the
most influential bloggers, vloggers, and busy bodies in the city!

So What’s It Gonna Cost Ya?

Nothing. That’s right. There is no financial investment on your behalf, except the 50 full-
sized products you must provide to be included in the box.


Sounds like a plan? Great! 

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