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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ – General
 How much is a subscription to Bit-O- Local?
You won't believe it. Your box only costs $25. All products in the box are full sized. New items are delivered every quarter but you may purchase it at any month! 
 What’s going to be in my box?
All the best goodies from our favorite local purveyors. Every item in the box is carefully curated by our team to share with you. 
 I love this box! But, where can I get more of this good stuff?
o For $25 + shipping, customers receive a subscription to our curated local box.
o We’re glad you asked. Each box is carefully curated to reflect the season. We choose goods from local artisans, and only include the best – the products we know you can’t live without!
o We knew you would ask that! Check out this page to view our current subscription box and order as many of the local goodies as you’d like. Feel free to share’m. Or don’t.
FAQ- Vendors
 What sized product do I need to submit for consideration to be included into a box?
 What else do I need to do to get started?
 How will I know if my product has been approved for inclusion into a Bit-O- Local box?
o Prospective vendors need to provide a sample product (must be full-sized) to the team at Bit-O-Local.
o You’ll definitely want to fill out our vendor questionnaire. Click here. 
 I’m approved! Now what?
o So exciting! Our team will be in contact with you about our next steps. Don't worry, the process is easy breezy and it's super painless. Promise! 
 How much is this going to cost?
o We’ll have our people get ahold of your people. But really, if you’re approved, someone at Bit-O-Local will reach out to you and let you know you’ve been accepted!
o An agreement will be sent to you including the number of products that you will need to provide. All items must be full-sized. We’ll also include the date your products need to be shipped & when you can expect your products to go live on our website.
o There’s NO financial investment on your behalf. Simply provide 50 full-sized samples to be included in the box.
 What if I'm interested in continuing selling my products on your website?
o Should you be interested in continuing to sell your products on our website, your fee will start $10/mo for up to 3 products. If you’d like to add more products, it’s just $5 more per month, per product.
 How will you know what to say about my fabulous goods?
o Should you be approved, our team will contact you to send your goods + marketing materials so we know your products inside out! 


Have more questions?
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