St. Louis Songstress Devon Cahill

“Any night of the week, you can find whatever you’re looking for when it comes to local live music. You want jazz or blues? Head to south Broadway. You want indie, Americana, punk, and everywhere in between? Head to Cherokee street. There’s something for everyone.”

Performing as a solo artist and a member of three local bands, Devon Cahill is more than acquainted with the St. Louis music scene.

Devon got her start performing musical theatre when she was just six-years-old, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she formed her first band, “Letter to Memphis.” If you’ve kept an ear to the indie-folk scene in St. Louis chances are you’ve heard this genre-bending group’s frontwoman.

October 12th at Off Broadway she’s debuting her first solo album, “When I Wake,” including a lineup of songs that she wrote. “I really like Off Broadway and kind of consider that my home venue. The sound is great, the vibes are always good, and it just feels comfortable,” says Cahill.

Much more than a passion project, Cahill has made music her life and livelihood. Working two part time jobs throughout the week, performing out, practicing, rehearsing, and writing leave little time for anything else. And practice [and patience] make perfect. It wasn’t until adulthood that Devon picked up her first instrument. As a seasoned artist and performer we asked Devon for a tidbit of advice for any newcomers on the scene. “A few years ago I couldn’t have picked up guitar and known what to even do with it, and now I’m writing my own original songs on guitar. Even if you think you can’t do it, you can. You just have to be patient with yourself, and practice, and that will help grow your confidence to where you can share what you’ve learned with others! And that’s pretty sweet.

Pretty sweet, indeed. Catch Devon Cahill’s album debut at Off Broadway this October 12th. All ages. Show at 8pm; doors open at 7pm. $10 advance purchase tickets available.

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