Expedition Subsahara: Global Opportunity With St. Louis Roots

Fierce. When the founder of Expedition Subsahara, Sofi Seck, was asked how to describe her unique business in one word she unequivocally shared, “Fierce. Our products are fierce. Our models are fierce. Our mission is fierce, and we are a brand for fierce and confident humans. Stay fierce!

A brilliant idea born out of the desire to create something selfless. Seck dreamed of Expedition Subsahara when bedridden from an injury and was reflecting on the lives of those in her home country. Now the team has just celebrated their first birthday. Sofi’s inspiration to make a life that’s about more than just herself led to her seeking a way to bring education, success, and joy to the women in Senegal. Most families – including hers – have to send their children away to get a quality education.

Expedition Subsahara has made a habit of standing out with their gorgeous Senegalese goods at craft shows, festivals, and bazaars across the country – and it’s not just the ornately weaved patterns or skillful beadwork that sets them aside – it’s their mission. Expedition Subsahara is working to build a school that brings STEAM education to girls in Senegal. Sofi works late nights, weekends, and early mornings coordinating shipping and logistics to create a streamline process that’s focused on sharing beautiful artistry with consumers across the world – and she’s headquartered in St. Louis.

By the time there’s more candles on the Expedition Subsahara birthday cake they’d like to move forward with their detailed plan that you can browse on their website which includes a timeline for purchasing the land, constructing the school, and more. But, it’s not just about  education for the women of Senegal. Seck wants to bring opportunity to St. Louis, too. Sofi plans to keep St. Louis as the headquarters of Expedition Subsahara and open a brick and mortar storefront and warehouse to store the goods shipped from Senegal.

Among their most popular 100% handmade accessories and baskets are their Extra Large Hampers, which come in a variety of colors and designs. Shoppers can relish outfitting their homes and wardrobes with something unique and know that their pieces are bringing more than style – they’re bringing change.

Photo Credit: Expedition Subsahara

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