An old movie theater turned into a rustic venue in the heart of Shaw. Casey and Laura Bunch moved to St. Louis to open a venue that fit their style and made it a place they can call home. Since opening in April 2018, the venue has hosted weddings and Friday movie nights for locals.

How many people can fit in the space? 

400 for cocktail style groups and 200 for fully seated parties. We provide all the seating and tables plus we have a variety of lounge furniture available.

Do you break it up if smaller parties come in?

We’ve been trying to find the best way – there is not a way to separate everything completely because it is such an open space. We recommend smaller places to those parties looking for a more intimate venue. 

Before this, what did you do?

Before this, after undergrad, I interned and worked for a promotional event planning company in New York while living with my sister. For a short period of time, it was fine, the experience was awesome. Then I moved to Kansas City from Springfield and was an event manager for a similar type of space. My husband and I knew we wanted to do something more. We started a little video company where we sent out video cameras to weddings and we get them back and produce the videos. We were thinking about having our own venue, so we would drive around STL looking for a place. We moved here around 4-5 years ago and looked at around 40 buildings- looking everywhere. We knew we wanted to be in the city and were looking in all the neighborhoods for the perfect space. We love refurbishing, video, and film so we knew we wanted to do something multifunction and live in the space. It is a good mix of modern and rustic.


Do you have a specific caterer you work with?

We have a catering prep kitchen. We have a list of preferred caterers. We are always looking for caterers for up to 300 people events. We handle the bar; staff the bartenders and provide the alcohol.

Why did you want to start a business in St. Louis?

There is so much to do and always something going on!

Have you had any large challenges thus far?

Trying to be transparent and open to communication is everything. [As a business owner] you are super excited to do the place, but you have to put into perspective that it is more than just a space, there is a balance with the community. Parking is something that comes up. We have parking on 39th street and have valet parking. We can put signs out for parking and people are respectful. 

We have so much we want to do and so many ideas on what to do. We wanted a bigger bar with an interactive catering kitchen. We don’t have a stovetop kitchen. We have a small patio, it is a working project. We are working on a speakeasy where people walk through the patio. The top space fits 50 people, [which is] good extra space. We have a bride and groom’s room for weddings. If its nice outside, we have the garage door open, to open up the outside space.

Why Wild Carrot?

Every building we looked at we had a name for. We’d just go with what the building looked like. We could not come up with a name for this space. I love wildflowers and was looking up types up wildflowers and my favorite is Queen Anne’s Lace. My parents were asking me about names and I told them how I wanted something to do with wildflowers and my dad told me that Wild Carrot is another name for Queen Anne’s Lace. I knew it right then that was it!

Wild Carrot has the perfect vibe for your rustic and lively event. Casey and Laura’s passion and vision have created what’s truly a unique event space for anyone wanting to celebrate in St. Louis. 

To visit Wild Carrot:

Located at: 3901 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110




September 5, 2018