An eye for design and a love for learning led Sylvia Dadian-Smith, the owner of Snapdragon Studio, to branch out and create  floral business that’s flourishing. This St. Louis studio specializes in weddings but is known to create beautiful pieces for festivals, birthday parties, craft shows and more.

Why did you decide to open/start your business?

We opened in 2015—I’ve always been really into flowers, and had become really passionate about learning about floral design. I have a background in art and film, and have always really been happiest using with my hands and making things. I’d worked in events previously, and as soon as I started doing floral work for events I knew I had found my place as a creative.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

I’ve been blessed to work with my Studio Manager, Amber Cook, since the earliest days of my business. Amber has a great eye, is awesome to work with, and she really goes above and beyond for our clients, who love her. It’s great working with people you can depend on and collaborate well with creatively.

What makes your place/offerings/voice unique?

Snapdragon Studio specializes in weddings, but we also get to share our love of flowers by doing flower workshops and pop-up ‘flower bars’—people love the opportunity to get interactive with flowers, and it’s so great to see how happy flowers make people.  

What got you started?

I’ve always loved flowers, but I have to say that the work is really special to me because there is always something new to learn that enriches my work as a designer.

Who is your target market?

Our ideal client loves flowers and leans towards organic, garden-inspired designs—we love getting to hip our clients to flowers that are a little more interesting and harder to find than those they might be familiar with.


How big is your company?

Depending on where we are in the season, we’re a team of about 6-10 people working hard at doing what we love!

Is there anything special you’re trying to promote?

We’re currently booking for 2019 events.

What challenges have you overcome with your company?

Floral work is hard and very physical and takes a lot of time—it’s always challenging to overcome the perception that it’s all Pinterest and peonies all the time!

What kind of products/ services do you sell/ which are the most popular?

Most of what we do is full-service weddings. We collaborate closely with our brides to create really unique designs and source incredible flowers. We also have a lot of requests for flower workshops for corporate events and showers, and we love to take those on whenever we can!

Where are you located and why is STL a good area for your company?

We’re located in the Morganford business district in Tower Grove South. St. Louis is a great place to be a creative there are so many people doing creative things with an eye towards enriching their neighborhoods— and the floral community is especially supportive.

What makes you passionate about your company?

I feel excited to know that there’s years of learning and growth ahead of us.

What do you see for the future of your company?

We will definitely keep doing workshops—that’s a real passion project for us. We also grow some of our own flowers and foliage—more every year. That’s been one of my most rewarding investments of time and something I can definitely see us continuing to invest ourselves in.

Photo Credit: Snapdragon

To visit Snapdragon Studios: By appointment only

Located at: 3123 Morganford Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116




September 12, 2018