The joy of mobile shopping changed Jennifer Saputo Peterson’s perspective on shopping. This new-found enjoyment of perusing a shop on four wheels inspired her to open Indigo Home, a mobile boutique that’s filled with styles for your abode. Don’t let its small stature fool you – the limited shelf space means the style options are always rotating.

Why did you decide to start your business and when did you open?

I was inspired by the fashion trucks that I’d seen in NYC when I was living there, and also here. For some reason, I didn’t get the gene that makes me a girl that loves to shop for clothes. In 2015, I was at brunch with some girlfriends and one of the trucks was parked there, so we went in,  and it was such a fun experience! I assumed that there were already mobile boutiques for home décor, so I looked online for some. There weren’t any in St. Louis, so I thought about how fun it would be to start one- and here we are 2 years later.

What is your fave thing about your company?

I have a few favorite things-

    1. I love helping my customers find the perfect pieces for their homes- I love getting to hear about their different tastes and how excited they get when they know exactly where they’re going to put something.
  • I love that because we’re small (125 sq ft), I get to bring in small quantities of items and in turn, can move different styles in and out as they sell.

What makes your business unique?

Because of reason #2 in the previous question, you’ll always see something new on the truck. It keeps things fresh!

We’re unique simply because of the fact that we’ve put a boutique on wheels (and online now too). When we designed the interior of the truck, we made a concerted effort to make sure that  we didn’t just put things on a shelf. We display them like you might see them in your home as much as possible. That gives the customer some ideas of how to style something as well.

I put a lot of thought into the items that go on the truck. I really believe that your home should reflect your personality and I aim to bring quality, affordability and style to your space.

Who is your target market?

Typically women (although, men love our home fragrances- seriously.) Ages 25-55.

How big is your company?

We’re super small- just me, my husband Mike, and my mom!

Is there anything special you’re trying to promote?

We recently launched our online store- that’s pretty fun! So you can shop for your home, in the comfort of your home.  We also offer home editing services- it’s a bit more of a casual approach to interior design- where we use what you already have in your home and then help you make additions or pair down your items to help create cohesion in your home.

What challenges have you overcome with your company?

Being a mobile boutique, a lot of people think that we’re a food truck. With mobile retail being a fairly new business model, some events don’t really know what to do with us- we are always looking for new places to park and that can be challenging as well, due to different municipalities rules or lack thereof pertaining to mobile businesses.

What kind of products/ services do you sell/ which are the most popular?

Products: Home décor and accent pieces, a few gift items and some gourmet items.

Services: Home Editing, private parties

Most Popular Items: Candles and anything STL related

Where are you located and why is STL a good area for your company?

We’re not really located anywhere- we’re everywhere! We travel all over the St. Louis Metro area. STL is great because we’re really a city that roots for it’s own- it’s a great place for entrepreneurs and St. Louisans are very supportive of small business.

What makes you passionate about your company?

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I can help my customers find solutions for ‘trouble spots’ in their homes. For example, in my most recent home styling, my client needed me to help her hide a router in her living room and I was able to come up with a stylish way of hiding it.

What do you see for the future of your company?

I’d really like to expand the design services and eventually move to a brick and mortar. I’d like to move Indigo into more of a lifestyle brand. I want to be a source for style and living well.

If you could describe your business in one word what would it be?


Photo Credit: Indigo Home

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