Looking to take a walk, [or maybe a zipline] on the wild side? Look no further than Go Ape! Treetop Adventure. Go Ape is located in Creve Coeur and offers 2-3 hours full of ziplining, tarzan swinging, and suspended obstacle fun for the whole family! The good time and even better view through this treetop adventure is one you don’t want to miss out on. We got to know more about one of the most fun family attractions in the Greater St. Louis area so that we could share the swingin’ excitement with you.

What attracts people to Go Ape?

I think what people like most about it is it’s not just the ziplines. It’s a high ropes course with zip lines, so they get that experience of being able to go through different crossings and obstacles. We have a couple of Tarzan swings which really up the fun factor and it’s a truly unique obstacle. For families with kids 10 and over, Go Ape is an amazing family activity. It’s really a great group activity. The obstacles and the way the course flows lends itself to cheering one another on and building camaraderie through the shared challenge.

Do you guys hold any events here?

We do host events at site. It’s best to sign-up to our email for details on events and special promotions. We had a Zip Ascent challenge in the spring. When we open the site in the morning, we go up the lines backwards to inspect everything and open all the sites. So, we had a Zip Ascent challenge open to the public to allow guests to experience what it’s like to be an instructor for the day.

When did this site open?

In July of 2013.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

My favorite part about working here is probably more centered around the staff. I get to hire, recruit, and train my entire team and our site culture is my favorite part. We get really cohesive as a team and we’ll do a lot of things off off-site. I like bonding; we pool all of our tips so we get to use that to do really fun stuff. Last fall we rented a cabin and did some hiking and stuff. When we slow down we go out but I think what draws people to work here is just being able to be outside and interact with so many different people every day and provide that adventure to them.

Why is St. Louis a good place for this type of thing?

I think it’s got a lot of variety of ages and a lot of families which is what we cater to. The population is high. Of course, it’s a city, but I think it’s probably just because St. Louis is such a family-friendly town, especially out in the county [it’s] in such a great place for people to come. And we always get non-participants, but we have trails under the course so they can follow along and they’ll have picnics and there’s a lot of 10-year-old birthday parties here. They decorate the whole pavilion.

Is there anything special you’d like to promote?

Our motto is to encourage everyone to live life adventurously. And so that’s, that’s our main mission. To get people up in the trees, live life adventurously and face their fears, overcome challenges…

Are there any requirements for the ziplines?

The kids have to be at least 10 and 4’7’’ but there is no max on age. Our oldest guests was about 89 at this location. It’s $58 for adults and $38 for kids. It takes two to three hours to go through the whole course. So if you were to compare it to like go to the movies or something, it’s way more affordable when you consider the time you get to spend out. Our site has a skateboard zipline which only two Go Apes have.  It’s a zipline, but at the bottom of it there’s a skateboard on a different set of wires and so you go down but you get to like ride the skateboard.

How many people typically go in a group?

It depends on how frequently we’re sending groups out for the day, but typically around 14 or 15 people and it can be as small as one.

So how often do you usually send a group out?

Our sessions vary but we can send groups up every half hour.  We prefer people to reserve in advance because we’re crazy busy on weekends. We don’t like turning people away.

What makes this place unique?

It’s set up so it starts with a half an hour safety training where your instructor teaches you everything you need to know, fits you into your gear and shows you how to work it.  Then from there, we stay on the ground and the guests get to make their own connections. We’re monitoring them and watching them but of course, we’ll go up if they need assistance. But it’s really exciting for them because they’re in charge of moving their safety lines. It’s like they feel that sense of accomplishment built while they’re up there.

So what made you want to work here?

I started working here after I graduated from college as an instructor. It’s something that draws you back in, you just want to keep coming back.

Photo Credit: Go Ape

To Visit Go Ape Visit:

13219 Streetcar Drive in Maryland Heights

Website: http://www.goape.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoApeUSA/