Man, wife, and cat have created a unique offering in a niche market – beard oil that’s meant for everyone (with a beard, of course.) This team creates what they believe to be the best for your beard and beyond and their loyal customers agree. We connected with Levi Banker to learn more about the quality products and the inspiration behind Bankers Best. Read his interview here.

Why did you decide to open/start your business?

It starts with our original product, beard oil. I was at a point in growing my beard where I was needing to start taking more active care of it, and my skin, so I bought some. After using it for a while, and learning about the different types of oils and their effects, I decided that I could make a much higher quality product than what I was using, and offer it to others to help them out with the same issues I was having for a much more affordable price. Banker’s Best was very much so born out of a want to introduce superior products that are accessible to all in a market that is too often quite the opposite.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

I enjoy the feeling of seeing my late nights and weekends of behind the curtain work turn into results for my customers. It’s the thought that a simple idea has turned into what it has because of passion, care, and a community of amazingly loyal supporters is why we keep doing what we do.

What makes your place/offerings/voice unique?

I believe that our voice is unique in the market, because we take a very inclusive approach to the brand and it’s overall message. The market of our first two products, beard oil, and beard balm, is filled with very hyper-masculine imagery and themes. We believe that you don’t have to be a lumberjack pirate biker who wrestles bears to enjoy growing a beard and using our products. No offense to lumberjacks, pirates, bikers, or bear wrestlers. Our visuals, and language is that of a simple richness in quality and stature that anyone can enjoy.

What got you started?

Easy, just starting one day, and tackling each challenge or figuring out each problem one at a time. I had not heard the phrase “Eat the Elephant” until a few months ago, but that definitely applies in this situation.

Who is your target market?

Our target market is anyone who wants to take an active role in how they look and feel on a daily basis. Originally, it was solely bearded gentlemen, but we’ve been expanding our philosophy of top quality hair and skin care to be more inclusive with different products.

How big is your company?

The company is currently me, my wife, and the head of the operation, our cat, Space Ghost.

Is there anything special you’re trying to promote?

In fact, there is. We just released our first shave soap at the end of July. It’s quite the departure from our original product line, but we had several requests for it, so how could we refuse our amazing fans. It is an animal friendly, sustainably sourced shaving soap with a tobacco bay leaf scent. It’s warm and spicy with a crispness that does not get old. As someone who shaves their head regularly, I can fully attest to this. Plus, my wife loves it too. If you’re looking for a dense lathering shave soap that won’t disappoint, or have been using that stuff out of a can and want to up your game, visit our website to order.

What challenges have you overcome with your company?

Besides the everyday business challenges, the biggest one that we face is standing out in a crowded field. Even though we know that our products are the absolute best that you can buy, and that they produce results, it’s still tough to develop a following when there are so many other brands out there that have a similar look and goal.

What kind of products/ services do you sell/ which are the most popular?

We sell hair and skin care products including beard oil, beard balm, lip balm, all-natural shampoo, and shave soap. There are a couple of products in development at the moment, that might be released by the end of the year. It depends on the time of year for what is most popular. The spring and fall months see a rise in lip balm sales white the holiday season see’s an overall rise. Our most popular lip balm flavor is lemonade, and other products scent is a toss up between Lafayette (Tobacco Vanilla) and King Solomon’s Reserve (Black Fig and Honey).

Where are you located and why is STL a good area for your company?

We are located in South City in the Southampton neighborhood, not too far from the Macklind business district. This is our production facility, and we don’t have a dedicated physical store yet.  St. Louis is a good area for our company because there is a strong entrepreneurial DIY backbone here, as well as a culture that rewards authenticity. I believe that these things are at our core, so St. Louis is a great fit for us, and us for the city.

What makes you passionate about your company?

We are passionate about providing everyone with the highest quality skin and hair care products at a fair price. We want everyone to have the opportunity to look, feel, and do their best with the aid of our products and philosophy. When someone sends me a message, or tells me about how much they love our products, and what it has done for their hair and skin, there is almost no better feeling in the world. I know that because of my crazy idea, there are people out there benefiting from self-improvement.

What do you see for the future of your company?

I see us developing and releasing a few new products over the course of the next year, and then working to expand our footprint in the personal care market. Steady growth with reliable products and an ever larger loyal fanbase will be the key to our success.

Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview. It has been a blast.

Thank you, Bankers Best! We look forward to watching your business (and beard) continue to grow! 

Photo Credit: Bankers Best

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