Pairing an affinity for pigs and her unique style, Kristin Mayer curates a shop in Ladue that’s packed to the brim with accessories to adorn both you and your home. The Bit-O-Local team met with Kristin earlier this summer to get to know more about what fuels her passion for bringing style from across the globe to the Midwest.


The Spotted Pig first opened its shop doors in November of 2016. Here, three fabulous women cater to a variety of shoppers searching for the perfect gift, accessories, or home decor pieces they didn’t know they needed until they saw it. Kristin scours the globe handpicking items like ornate jewelry and coffee cups with sass filling shelves and tables from floor to ceiling with eccentric and eclectic style.


As you take in the shop’s mingled glory, you can’t help but spot a pig here and there. But, what’s the nod to oinkers, we ask? Kristin replies: “I grew up just being obsessed with pigs, I have no real reason why. My mom said that Piglet was like my first obsession so I don’t know I’ve just always known that if I ever opened up a shop it would have something to do with pigs.” We can appreciate a bit of childhood sentiment – and who doesn’t love a plump companion on the mantle?


Beyond eclectic style, The Spotted Pig offers its patrons something rather unique in the retail world: exclusivity. “Even if it’s the most popular item, if I sold it to 35 women I say goodbye to that product, even if people really want it… I don’t want to have what everybody else has and I don’t want everybody else to have the same thing,” says Mayer. But, rest assured, shoppers, you can find new looks featured of popular mainstays like The Paris Bracelet. The Spotted Pig is the exclusive carrier of this Swarovski-rich accessory.

Mayer seeks to carry lines created by companies that share her passions & philosophy: a love of travel, empowering others, and staying true to yourself and your style.

The Spotted Pig offers rare finds for everyone including items ranging from just a few dollars to a few hundred. The perfect spot to shop for that something or someone special – it’s a refreshing experience to venture into a store that offers more of the unique and less of the norm.

To visit The Spotted Pig:

Located at: 9218 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63124