Downtown St. Louis is always the place to be for sporting events, concerts, and everyone’s favorite tourist attractions. Citygarden Park is nestled right in the heart of downtown. The garden is a small oasis that is a hybrid between a sculpture garden, a botanical garden, and a city park. As the city has grown, so did the plans for a new public space. A city that is filled with historic architecture needed a touch of modern artistic flair. Since 2007, the Gateway Mall has been home to the recreational space for offices, residents, and art lovers of all kinds.

In 1999, the nonprofit group Downtown Now passed the idea of a sculpture garden in the downtown Gateway Mall. The revival of the downtown area has changed old industrial buildings into homes for local residents, making downtown a spot for public spaces. The Gateway Foundation funded the development of a new Mall Master Plan and funded the construction and design of the sculpture garden. Since 2007, Citygarden has fulfilled its purpose of providing open, recreational space for downtown office workers and residents.

When visiting Citygarden, visitors can be found admiring sculptures, taking a walk, or enjoying the interactive pools. The area is enjoyed by tourists and hometown visitors alike.

“I’ve been a downtown resident since 2007 and I remember it being built. You can see workers coming and picking up trash. It’s super clean and super family friendly. It’s a very interactive place for everyone, especially kids. It’s a nice area to come out and enjoy the space. It’s a great stop in the city. Everyone comes in from all over to enjoy the city and this is a great spot for it.”

  • Evan Raborn. Downtown Resident

The overall purpose of the space was to create a diversity of spaces and experiences, make a home for contemporary sculptures, and have a beautiful and inviting year-round space for all. In the 32,000 square feet of lawn area, there are 235 trees along with 89 other species of plants. Water, being a special element to the garden, holds three different fountains and provides a playful oasis for children in the summer. Peppered throughout the park 24 interactive sculptures that differ in style and mood.

“It’s free and the kids can wear themselves out. We have a lot for the kids, we get kids all day. We get a lot of people sightseeing for all of the statues. It’s in a central location, and St. Louis is a great place to visit.”

  • Citygarden Worker

Open all year round, the Citygarden is a place for locals and tourists to come enjoy art and relax. Escape the hustle of the city, take your next break at Citygarden.

Photo Credit: Citygarden Instagram

To Visit The Citygarden:  801 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63101